6 Ways To Wear Your Saree


The way you wear your saree tells a lot about you. Did you know that there are many ways in which you can wear the outfit? Here are some of the most common ways:


The style is common in East India. The style is great when you wear it with handloom sarees or other light cotton outfits. If you have a brocade outfit you shouldn’t shy away from using the style.

Nivi style

It’s very common in the Indian culture. To achieve a great look you should wrap the saree around your torso for at least three times and then tuck it into the petticoat. When you wrap the saree many times you create pleats which add to the design.

To complete the look you should drape the remaining decorated material across your left shoulder.


The style is popular with Brahmin women. In this style you place the saree at the back of the waist and then tie the ends at the front. You should wrap the outfit around your legs and then drape it over your shoulder. Since you drape the outfit between your legs, you shouldn’t wear a petticoat.

If you want to attract attention you should complete the look by wearing a nose ring and some flowers on your hair.

North Indian

It’s almost similar to the Nivi style, but has a few differences. One of the differences is that in this style you drape the pallu across the right shoulder instead of the left. You also drape the pallu from the back to front, instead of from the front to back.


Although, you can use the style regardless of your body type, experts recommend it for women with curvaceous body types. You should drape the lower portion of the outfit to look like a skirt thus giving you a slimmer look. For ideal results you should ensure that the pallu is heavy or the border is embellished.


In this style you wear two pieces of clothing: top and bottom. The top piece is known as neriyathu and you can tuck it into the blouse or drape it across your left shoulder. The bottom piece is known as mundu and you can wrap it around your waist or tuck it into the petticoat.


As you can see, there are many ways in which you can wear your saree. By wearing the outfit in different ways you give your outfit a completely new look.


Source by Omkar Nath Nandi

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