Boon or Bane for Expat Students in UAE


Going abroad for higher education has long been the most cherished goal for students of under-developed and developing countries. But even students from well developed GCC countries like UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah) face educational challenges like preparing for high stake examinations like SAT/ TOEFL / GRE / ACT and many other. Indian migrants constitute a bulk part of population in United Arab Emirates likely over 4 million Indian migrants mostly from Kerala which is around 1 million and other south Indian states are estimated to be living in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah region. Pupils of Indian migrants working over there in financial, automobile or petroleum industry faces a huge difficulty for higher education due to cultural difference based on traditional education style that the Indian parents dream for their pupil. Foreign students of Indian origin have to sit for high stake entrance exams to gain admission in engineering and medical colleges in India or Abroad like USA / UK / Singapore and many more. For aptitude test like SAT, the student need proper guidance and defined study plan with good study material to excel and secure a descent SAT Score Card.

While it is always better to search the internet and find out the exact procedure for applying for the entrance test but still NRI parents working over gulf region faces hurdles due to lack of genuine coaching facilities for JEE / NEET / SAT and counseling. It is always better to find out the total cost involved for NRI students in Indian colleges by taking into account the boarding, lodging cost, tuition fees for the course period and other expenses that come in the way.

Challenges faced by Indian migrants in UAE regarding coaching for JEE / AIIMS / SAT / NEET for their pupils:

• Lack of Proper Coaching Institution in UAE
• Lack of Indian style of education / coaching facility for high stake exams like IIT- JEE / BITSAT / AIIMS and many more.
• Issues of travelling due to distant location in the heart of desert seem hectic for students.
• Coaching Fees are much higher in comparison with Indian Coaching services.
• Non-availability of faculties from elite universities like Harvard, Stanford or IITs.

Higher Education in India is widely recognized and respected across the globe. Most of the Indian universities like IITs, NITs, and IIMs are represented in a much higher light compared to most of the universities of the world in terms of faculty as well as students. The Indian faculty in foreign universities is generally well respected for their teaching and research abilities. The Indian students abroad are rated at par for their caliber with the best students of the world. Besides, the Indian higher education has the comparative cost advantage over the other countries offering higher education of comparable quality.


Source by Satyaki Maiti

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