Engineering Profession for Women in India


We all know this fact very well that the engineering field has affected every sector of our lives. Engineering led to the invention of so many innovations and variation in the variety of fields like the household, convenience, living etc.

Science has made our life easier and very convenient. Whether it is cars or buildings or the internet whatever we use, everything is influenced by the engineering. These are the facts and learning have been known to everyone but the fact comes who have the better opportunity in engineering, “men’s or women’s”.

The numbers of aspirants in the engineering field are increasing year by year but the ratio of males aspirants is high compared to females. Facts are no less considering the history of women but the biggest reason behind this fact is that women in India have been in a situation of doubt of taking admission in engineering and its related field all the time.

Women who go to college or dream of becoming an engineer felt marginalized when staying in the profession.

This situation especially occurs at the time of internship or team-based educational activities. It has also been found by a new study that gender dynamics are generating more opportunities for the man in comparison to women to work on the technical and challenging problems as women tend to be assigned routine tasks or simple managerial duties.

Women are facing various kind of discrimination in various fields but engineering is at the top of giving priorities to men. New initiatives and laws are introduced by various organizations, colleges, and government. Noticing the negligence of women in society suitable and necessary actions are in process.

This fact cannot be neglected that there are many new interests and inventions in this field which are encouraging many females for participating in engineering. However situation of women engineering in India is scarce as well as there is a higher ratio of the under presentation of women in the science and engineering colleges Jaipur, Pune, Ahmedabad, Rajasthan etc along with several other countries have already incorporated new initiatives to remove such discrimination.

There are many studies that have investigated about the barriers which are being faced by women in engineering as a career through which it is found that most of the women usually drop out of the science and engineering at various points along the education and career ladder.

There are many advantages if more women would participate in the fields such that affect the women’s need directly required at the time of pregnancy, birth, and reproduction etc. Health is the field in which women need to be involved in the areas that affect them.

Such kind of thought should not exist, women should be free to choose any profession and life of their interest. If the women strike in these fields of technology and research, they can greatly benefit the society at large scale.

In addition to this, different ways of thinking can be acquired whether it’s down to nature or nurture, the ways of thinking are different of man and women which is a great thing. Women are considered as an incredible resource of knowledge, approaches as well as ideas. They can provide the better solutions to the problems.

If there are more women in the engineering and manufacturing, they could serve as incredible inspiration for generations to participate in engineering and whatever their interest in.


Source by Priyanshi Goyal

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