Google: Extra Content Not Always Needed For Category Pages

Item classification pages don’t generally require additional substance if Google can get what’s on the page dependent on the names of items.

Google prompts that it’s not generally important to add additional substance to item classification pages if the item names portray what’s on the page.

This is expressed by Google’s John Mueller during the Google Search Central SEO home base recorded on September 17, 2021.

A SEO named Kamal Allazov gets some information about the base word count for item class pages.

It’s normal for Googlers to handle questions with respect to the ideal word count for pages, yet it’s rare they get gotten some information about doing the absolute minimum.

All in all, what’s minimal measure of duplicate a classification page needs to rank in Google?

The appropriate response is, it may not require any extra substance past posting the actual items.

Here is Mueller’s full reaction.

Google’s John Mueller on Product Category Pages

As it identifies with the base number of words a classification page requires, Mueller says there’s no restriction.

Allazov presses Mueller for additional subtleties, inquiring as to whether 300 words would be OK, however Mueller would not like to say that it is or alternately isn’t.

There must be to some degree some data on the page so Google can get what’s on it. By and large that data is conveyed by the item names.

That sounds consistent, yet it wouldn’t work in situations where items have non-elucidating names.

Take the universe of style, for instance. An organization selling denim might list some pants as “Mike” rather than something graphic like “ordinary fit, bootcut, dull wash pants.”

Google would require additional substance all things considered to see more with regards to the page it’s slithering.

Assuming the item names are more conventional, in any case, that might be all Google needs to rank the page.

As a last subsequent inquiry, Allazov inquires as to whether he could repurpose content from a blog article for a classification page.

Mueller says indeed, that is totally fine to do.

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