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Want to make money in internet marketing niche? Despite what you might heard in some forums, internet marketing niche is very lucrative and could quadruple your income to five-figure per month easily. However, since the steps could be intimidating to some people, it is usually not the best niche to start with. Still, if you have the courage, you can make lots of money from this niche.

The first step you need to do is research and get ideas for profitable keywords. For other niches, you can use Google AdWords Keyword Tool. This is not a smart way to look for keywords in make money or internet marketing niche due to high competition. That’s why, you need to be more creative. Target product name keywords instead of depending on keyword tools. The good thing is, tonnes of products is released in internet marketing niche each month. You will be notified of such things if you sign up for other’s newsletter.

Once you decide on type of product name, it is time to register for domain name. The best would be to include product name inside your domain. Google will count this into relevancy factor. In most cases, dot com extension is the best. After that, setup a hosting account.

Now it’s time for site building. You may use other builders, however, the best would be using WordPress since Google loves this one. Plus, it is easy to install. You need to install other plugins as well, including All-in-one SEO pack.

The next thing would be to post content inside your blog. Since the product is not released yet, you need to post whatever information you have about the product. For example, about the product creator, what the product is about. You can also post related articles. For instance, if the product is about CPA marketing, then you can post CPA marketing tips in your blog.


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