How To Build Backlinks On Autopilot


There are two main things I find annoying about building back links through article submissions. The first one is creating the content; the second is finding good quality places to put it. When I first started doing this work myself I discovered that it was costing me a lot of time building back links which I should have spent working on the site itself.

I quickly found a solution to writing the content, well kind of a solution. I was introduced to outsourcing, which for those new to internet marketing will know, is normally completed by someone in India, Pakistan or the Philippines. I found contractors who would write my articles for me. I gave them the topics and they supplied the articles. Sounded perfect. Sadly the ones that I found didn’t have great English writing skills. Don’t get me wrong they were hard working and nice people; however English was there second language. So I found that although it sped up the content writing process, I still needed to spend a lot of time proof reading and correcting the poor English in the articles.

The other stumbling block was finding good sites to post the content on, that would generate a quality back link to my site. To start with, I manually did a search on Google for article directory sites, this brought back a lot of results, some were actual article directory sites, and others were people selling article directory submissions. I didn’t get to many good results. I did however find an article that gave me a search term to find heaps of article directories. For those interested the Google search is: “Powered by WordPress”+”Using Article Directory plugin”

This search bought back 4 million results. So I started to open each result, see if it was an article directory submission site, if it was I would setup an account, confirm my email address, record my user name and password in an excel file and move on to the next site. For the first time ever I reached page 27 of a Google search. Did you know that is as fair as it goes? You can’t search any further past page 27. In the end I had about 32 working directory sites. Just 32. What a painful experience.

So I started posting my outsourced, proof read articles. I logged into one of my 32 accounts, posted in the article, created the back link and pressed submit. Then I did it again, and again, and again, you get the picture. I got it down to a fine art and could post about 20 per week including time the time to correct all the mistakes in the article. What I did discover was that the accounts I setup often closed. The whole site disappeared. I couldn’t login to post new content and I assume I lost my old links too. I also found out that many of the sites I created had very bad Page Rank, meaning the links I were creating where poor quality. This didn’t really help my ranking.

I continued this for a while until I was introduced to an SEO expert. I now create back links on autopilot. My rankings are great, traffic is flowing and the best bit is, I have my time back.

You can read more about my autopilot method to get Google Traffic here.


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