How to create High Quality Backlinks

How to create High Quality Backlinks

How to make high-quality backlinks for the blogs, website pages. As we know the best way to rank through organic results.

What are high-quality do-follow links and How to Create High-Quality Backlinks?

let’s understand about do-follow backlinks and no-follow backlinks and understand How to Create High-Quality Backlinks for our website or blogs.

As we know if your creating backlinks for blogs or WordPress website, do-follow backlinks and no-follow backlinks are very helping for our website or blogs.

What are backlinks?

Backlinks are those links are those external links that take users to another website. In the same manner, if we got another website linking to our website we can say that we got a backlink from another website.

Google search engines always prefer good high-quality backlinks thus we always build high-quality backlinks for our website.

How many types of backlinks are there?

Backlink consists mainly of two types: first Do-Follow Backlink and second No-Follow Backlink but are divided into different parts based on quality that we’ll learn below

a. Do-follow backlinks:

Dofollow backlink is a kind of link juice and google’s crawler comes by crawl on your site through this link and when the authority of the Web pages you created the backlink on it, the crawler also counts your site in good sites.

Although all the backlink is followed, many people make a no-follow tag link.

How to create High Quality Backlinks
Example of do-follow backlink



what are No-follow links?

No-follow links are helpful for traffic but it does not help in improving ranking in search engine because it’s not a juicy backlink.

No-follow links have tags in them that stop only crawlers not to index in google or bing search engines.


For example : you have no-follow link that structure will look like this :

 this is an example of do-follow link ->>  <a href=””> do-follow link </a>

No-follow link example:  >>>>    <a href=”” rel=”no-follow”> no-follow link</a>


Because the no-follow backlink does not get any signal from the search engine, the no-follow backlink will not affect your site’s ranking.

But it is necessary to create <strong>dofollow backlink</strong> as well as a no-follow backlink, otherwise, Google considers it spamming, if you are only creating a do-follow backlink, it will have a bad effect on your site.

There are plenty of tools available that can help you check how many Do-Follow and how many no-follow backlinks you’ve created for your site so far.


NOTE: if any backlinks that quality doesn’t meet the requirement of google will never be indexed in google and will count spammy.


Yet we’ll learn about the type of Backlink now that’s the quality of both types of Backlink.


What are High-quality backlinks?

Whether you are creating a do-follow backlink or no-follow backlink, you must confirm that the domain authority and page authority of that site must be high. And of course, you should always check the spam score of that website where you’re creating a backlink.

All backlinks created from the high authority site are of high quality. And this increases your site authority faster.


what are Low-quality Backlinks?

The topic on which your blog is on is not making backlinks to other sites related to the same topic and creating backlinks on the site associated with other topics, as well as taking backlinks from the site of sex, porn, gambling, hanking, etc. is called a low-quality link.

These low-quality backlinks are only harmful to your site, so check da, PA before you create backlinks.

What are external links?

External links are those links that represent other website links to our blogs or webpages.

External links also help us rank our web pages in the search engine, so you must enter a link to a high authority site of 3 to 5 in each post.

You can also check the domain authority PA, (page authority) traffic, and Alexa rank to check the quality of the website.


Internal Links?

When you add a link to another post related to your same website and from the same post, it is called an internal link.

It is not necessary that you will do internal or external linking as soon as you write a post, you can update the post at any time.

Internal linking is very essential for the search engine to rank your web pages and increase the session.

It is not advisable to do too much linking it makes it difficult for the visitor to read the post you can link up to two cents in your post.

Even if you have understood how many types of high-quality backlinks are, we will now be aware of the further backlinks creation.


How to create High-quality backlinks?

Creating a lot of backlinks in a single day is spamming in Google’s eyes, so you’re making some backlinks every day from a limit.

The backlink you can create in many ways many people wrongly make backlinks, so it harms them instead of profit.


Watch the video below to create backlinks in the right way and methodically, this video also shows the creation of backlinks from one high authority site and authority check for that site


Hope you like the video and got the idea of getting good and quality backlinks.


How to check DA, PA of any website free?

To Check DA and PA of any website, there are many paid tools available but today we are gonna check DA and PA on a free website. to do so we are gonna make the most trustable website for google name ahref. a free tool to check DA and PA for any website.

The steps that will help you to check the DA and PA of any website.

Steps A.: here you need to and search or go to the website link here 


How to create High Quality Backlinks
Example of


Steps B.  then go to the footer section of the website where you will get the link called website authority checker.


How to create High Quality Backlinks
free website authority checker link

Step C: type your domain into the search for checking website authority. 

How to create High Quality Backlinks
checking domain authority


Final steps: after searching your domain authority you will get final results like this. 


How to create High Quality Backlinks
Final steps

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