How To Get More Twitter Followers By Building Backlinks


Building a successful Twitter profile doesn’t have to be a tough task and in previous articles I’ve described tips for optimising your profile for the search engines and to attract new followers. In this article I want to address further ways for making your profile successful and we are going to achieve this by “spreading the word” and creating backlinks to our Twitter profile.

One of the most popular techniques for building backlinks to a website over the past couple of years was made popular by Angela E. Edwards. The strategy involves setting up profiles on High PR forums in your niche and creating a profile with a link containing your keyword phrase which points back to your website. To get an idea of the backlinks that Angela has built then head over to Google and type site: angelae8654. This will return the highest ranking article that Angela has on Goarticles.

Now head over to siteexplorer on Yahoo and input Angela’s URL in the search field, select “inlinks” and you’ll get up to 1000 of Angela’s backlinks. Alas many of these sites have been spammed to death by people using this method, but you can also find your own. Here is a query which will reveal forums in your niche where hopefully you can drop some links:

inurl:”member.php?u” “Powered by vBulletin”

Once you have found some forums with a good page ranking, go and sign up and enter all of the details about your website and don’t forget to drop a link to your Twitter profile in too. Lastly use pingomatic to ping the profile you’ve created, this will get the search engines to spider your profile and create some backlinks for you.

Another great place to spread the word about your Twitter profile is Ping.FM you can use this service to update all of your social networks at once and it’s a great free tool. So head over to Ping.FM and you’ll see all of the social networks listed there and also links to register an account with them. Many of these sites will allow you to post a link to your Twitter profile, which will result in great exposure for your profile page and your blogs. Ping.FM is a great tool and an awesome method of updating many social networks with just one update, so make sure you do this step.

Yahoo Answers and Answer based sites are also great places to drop a link to your Twitter profile. Just write some useful posts and place your Twitter link in the resources box.

Also search for blogs in your niche and post useful comments and also drop in a link for your twitter profile. Once your post is accepted remember to ping the link with pingomatic.

These are just a few ways of sending traffic to your Twitter Profile (and your blog) and will help you to build a following of targeted and interested followers. Just make sure that you are sending useful updates to your Twitter profile and developing relationships with your followers, and then who knows…you could be the next aplusk!


Source by Rob Maggs

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