Learning Curve of Digital Marketing Training Experience at FITA


Getting my business up and running in the digital space lead me to start learning about the nuances of digital marketing.
My search led me to join a Digital marketing course in Chennai. Fita Tnagar, is the institute that best suited my requirements, and was convincing for the value for money.

Here, I will briefly list out the topics they had covered over the last 5 classes.

They started off with SEO training as it is the most important and time consuming part of digital merketing.

First and foremost was the keyword selection, from finding out the keyword trend to finalising the keyword for my business.
The keywords are the most crucial element for digital marketing and everything revolves around it.

Then comes the on-page optimisation. There were nearly 21 topics and were covered and each one with real time hands on training.
The topic ranges from setting up the different meta tags to optimising the webpage contents like text, images, URLs, links and so on.

Then comes the most time consuming work of digital marketing – Off Page optimisation. There are 13 different methods to build links and generate more traffic into your website. And each one to
be used for improving the rank. Every method was discussed during the session, with hand on training and practice.

Blog commenting, social bookmarking, forum submissions, article submissions, web 2.0, question and answer website, image sharing website, Video sharing website, classifieds, business directory, directory submission, press releases, document sharing.

Implementing these 13 methods follow the 3 golgen rules and, every one of those 13 methods are not black and white as there will be few diffulcties during the process.
The nuances were discussed as well, and thus sets up an expectation about the work and thereby help us stay grounded and work harder to achieve the results.
Getting into the topic more in-depth will take more time and I will publish them one by one every week.

We have a lot more to cover and just scratched the surface. Word press SEO, Social media marketing, Google analytics, Web master, Advanced link building.

Hope to gain a lot more and help my business grow using the knowledge gained through the digital marketing training in chennai.

And anyone who are starting up a business, or want to expand, get started with digital marketing as it is the best place to generate leads!

The article will be continued further during the course of the training!
Until then, Cheers!


Source by Vishnu Maddur

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