Link Building For Your Forex Trading Website


Starting a Forex website these days is not very difficult, but where most people fail is promoting their website. As a result the site never gets traffic and never earns any money, with huge money-making opportunities such as promoting Forex affiliate programs and Google AdSense it is very sad not to see people succeed. I hope in this article to focus on one very important factor in promoting your Forex website and that is link building.

SEO or search engine optimization is defined as the process of increasing your websites position for a particular phrase or keyword in a search engine results page. There are many factors that influence your websites ranking, but one very important factor is one way backlinks point to your site. The more one way backlinks from other Forex websites shows search engines that your Forex website is an authority on the subject and search engines will rank your website higher as the content is more useful for search results.

Methods how you can get Forex Related backlinks

1.) Write articles for article directories – most articles directories syndicate the articles so your articles gets placed on many Forex related websites, so one article (depending how good it is) may get placed on many websites across the internet.

2.) Interacting on Forex forums – add value to the forum by directing people to sections of your website that may offer them information that can help them. Do not spam on forums, there is nothing worse than a person who only uses a forum to get links to his site.

3.) Build Forex website templates – this is one that is difficult but really works like a dream, create an awesome looking Forex template, insert your backlink in the footer of the template and upload to forums for free on condition that the link stays intact. People are always looking for great templates and if you offer it for free then you will have many Forex websites that will link back to.


Source by Daniel Murdock

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