Most Keyword Suggestion Tools Will Not Compare Phrase To Broad Match Ratio – Find One That Will


Keyword Suggestion Tools are now part of the internet marketer’s basic tool box however it is easy for the beginner to place their faith in the first one they hear about or discover on the first page of an internet search engine return. If this article does any good at all it will be to suggest to the beginner that all keyword tools are not equal. Just as the beginner might take some time to select their first product to market so they should spend some time finding their keyword suggestion tool. Today’s modern keyword suggestion tool has to do more than compile a list of keywords and keyword phrases. The seasoned internet marketer would never entertain such limitations in such an essential marketing tool.

One attribute that my chosen keyword suggestion tool has that I find invaluable is the automatic comparison of the phrase to broad match ratio. Whilst this may seem alien to the internet marketing beginner they soon realise its value when they see it in action. It certainly helped me to get my home page ranked on the first page of Google.

Phrase to Broad Match Ratio users like the percentage statistics this calculation provides. They can quickly identify a keyword phrase which has the possibility of assisting them in their site, their blogs, their articles, and in their advertising campaigns.

The keyword suggestion tool which does not make this calculation leaves the poor internet marketer to guess at the keywords which are useful to their advertising campaign and that is an awful prospect to envisage.

Making a sales page, maybe supported by numerous other web site pages, creating social networking pages, creating blogs and posting to them, twittering, and maybe even spending evenings learning video editing, are all very time consuming activities, and each is an accessory to every advertising campaign, but, not if they are all based on a keyword guess. The guess that a word found in a list compiled by a mediocre keyword suggestion tool will not be the magic keyword that will attract visitors to a sales page. What will happen is that most of that hard work producing web site pages, blog postings, tweets, and maybe videos will go unrewarded. I know because I’ve been there, I’ve done that, and I didn’t earn enough to buy the tee shirt.


Phrase to Broad Match Ratio is important in the world of internet marketing and can be calculated automatically in keyword suggestion tools. However, the beginner internet marketer will probably be ignorant of this and may not even know of such a calculation because most keyword suggestion tools do not provide such a facility. This article encourages the beginner internet marketer to spend some time researching which keyword suggestion tool will benefit them the most and to choose one that incorporates this. The author admits to making the mistake of not using a keyword suggestion tool which included this calculation and found it be to his cost.

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