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Many of our site visitors have been asking us to write a review on this and since the numbers of requests are quite overwhelming, we would accommodate their requests here today. Today’s review is not really focused on a program, it is actually a book written by one of Malaysian top internet entrepreneurs that goes by the name of Dr Irfan Khairi. Dr Irfan Khairi is an exceptional man; he made his first million by Malaysian standard at the young age of 25 back in 2002 all from the internet. The book that he has written and published can be considered as his way of sharing his successful secrets with the public; they have to pay of course. The book is published in 2 languages, English and Malaysian and currently selling at Malaysian Ringgit $39.90 a copy. It is currently available in major bookstores all around Malaysia and you may also purchase the book online at Dr Irfan Khairi’s website.

I could still remember the first time I saw the book in MPH a few years back. The book is beautifully packaged and the title itself is begging customers to buy them. ‘Secrets of Internet Millionaires Revealed’ or ‘Rahsia Jutawan-Jutawan Internet Terbongkar’ in Malay. Sounds impressive, isn’t it? There’s no doubt that Dr Irfan Khairi has done pretty well in packaging his book with its nice cover and a killer title to boot. If you want to publish books and market it big time, you may look at Dr Irfan Khairi’s book for an example on how one or two simple touches could really make all the difference.

Let’s put the cover aside and take a look at what is inside. From the beginning to the end, Dr Irfan Khairi has provided everything you need to know about conducting business online. He has covered pretty much all the basics and I’m not going to waste your time with all the teeny weenie details. Dr Irfan Khairi has indeed revealed most of the secrets used by internet millionaires in his book. Now if we look at other eBooks that we could find in the internet and compare them with Dr Irfan Khairi’s published book, I can seriously say that Dr Irfan Khairi’s book is an incredible value for money. Selling at Malaysian Ringgit $39.90, that is more or less equivalent to US Dollar $12.00! That’s a huge bargain!

The only thing I found lacking with Dr Irfan Khairi’s book is the lack of information and know-how in generating traffic for any online business. This is especially important since internet users nowadays are a brand new breed of Web 2.0 generation. Most online business entrepreneurs took this for granted and ended up with poor or zero sales and conversions after establishing their businesses online for a couple of months. Generating traffic should never be taken lightly by serious internet entrepreneurs and marketers unless of course you are a well known celebrity such as Joel Comm or Dr Irfan Khairi himself! Celebrities who have become household names can practically make money online without having to bother about generating traffic to their money making websites.

Let us take a look at Dr Irfan Khairi for an example. He has been invited to appear in many local Malaysian television shows and what’s more, he himself is a regular columnist on a few major local magazines! In another word, Dr Irfan Khairi is a master in the art of offline media promotion. No other Malaysian internet entrepreneur dominates the offline media any better than Dr Irfan Khairi. It is easy for him to sell his products online since he has all ready won hands down in his offline promotion! I sincerely believe that Dr Irfan Khairi is no longer targeting the whole wide world nowadays. I’ve been snooping around for quite some time now and I do believe that Dr Irfan Khairi is concentrating more on the local Malaysian scene. I don’t think he’s that greedy, he has made his million long time ago. The reason why I’m saying this is because I have not seen any significant improvement in his web statistics. As of time of writing, Dr Irfan Khairi’s main flagship (RahsiaInternet Dot Com) is ranked 300,521 in Alexa! That is hardly impressive for an internet millionaire, isn’t it? He is an experienced internet marketer and he could easily generate traffic for his website anytime he wants but I believe this is no longer his concerns anymore. Feedbacks given by friends and colleagues also strengthen my suspicion. It seems that Dr Irfan Khairi is a changed man nowadays, he is more interested in helping others in achieving what he have achieved long time ago. If this is true, I pray and hope that Dr Irfan Khairi would be able to turn more and more Malaysians into successful online business entrepreneurs just like him. I would love to see that!

So what’s that got to do with my review today? Simple! If you are as popular and well known as Dr Irfan Khairi or Joel Comm, you don’t have to worry about promoting your online business through online marketing and promotions. But what are the chances that you would be just as famous? Probably zero just like any other bum on the street. Hence, you need to work double hard to promote your online businesses that would later generate more traffic for your websites. When you have more traffic, your chances of generating higher sales and conversions would be better theoretically. As I have said before, please do not underestimate this all important factor when you are involved in online business.

Overall, I would give Dr Irfan’s Secret of Internet Millionaires Revealed book a 4 stars rating. It is more or less complete but requires a little bit more work on the part of traffic generation. I would highly recommend his book for knowledge seekers and beginners in online businesses. For experienced internet marketers and money makers, you may go for the book too if you like but you need to find another good source of information on traffic generation.

Before I go, I’m sure that there are many of you that have bought the book some time back. What do you think of it? Is it helpful and have you found success with it? Please PLACE YOUR VOTE here.


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