SEO-Friendly Headlines: Are You “There” Yet?


Headlines. How often do we optimize them for Search Engines? Ask the busiest of SEO experts and writers and they’ll tell you that client brief varies- of course- in more ways than one. If a well optimized headline is something which everyone is rooting for then how do you make it unique? Today, we will be throwing light on ways to draft SEO friendly headlines. Read on in order to find out more in this regard.

It’s the SEO Company hired by you which will probably instill the “significance of headlines” in you. And, after a thorough discussion with them you should be able to put things in the right perspective – of what that 50-character title can do for your entire article or blog. It needs to stoke interest, build trust and stay true to the essence of the blog as well.

What do headlines mean for your story?

Additionally, headlines have the crucial responsibility of guiding search engines what the audiences are looking for. As brands clamor for better visibility for search queries, they should duly acknowledge the role of headlines to bolster their efforts. Mostly, search queries are two or four words long including proper keywords. Of course, besides matching the most common relevant queries, the headlines thus used by you should be unique as well.

Keywords might as well be considered a very important part of SEO-rich headlines. If you cannot possibly insert the exact keywords like “DJ Long Island”, or “benefit concert New York”, you can at least include short phrases that are closely related to your write-up. So, instead of “benefit concert New York”, you might as well have “benefit concert” or “earthquakes” or “DJ” and so on.

Bylines. If the blog is written by a well-known name (for example a famous columnist or an author), then SEO experts should focus on optimizing the byline as well because that’s something which is likely to bring the followers of the author to your story. Please make sure that you are using the author’s full name instead of just his/her first name.

Search terms tend to include a lot of common names or proper nouns. Consider using names of places, people and organizations in your story (of course only if they fit there) and in such a fashion, you would definitely be able to cater to a greater number of search queries. If possible, use those proper names in your headlines as well.

Be warned against over use

You must be careful about not going overboard with your attempts at coming up with SEO-friendly headlines. Your job at the end of the day is to grab attention with the help of unique and interesting headlines. Attaching way too much importance to SEO might turn out to be counterproductive.


Source by Rahul Ranjan Singh

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