Signs He Wants to Propose But Is Scared To – 7 Powerful Indicators That You Should Watch Out For


Your boyfriend could be the most handsome and most charming guy you have ever known but all these things are nothing if he can’t even commit to you. But have you tried looking into those eyes and understand why he can’t propose to you yet?

This guy will readily lay down his life for you.

Okay, that may be going way over the top – but this guy is protective of you because he doesn’t just care, he now sees you as his future lifetime companion. Unless you let him see that you care for him, too, this guy might take years before he would propose.

He is unsure of your feelings for him.

This guy could just be having the jitters because he’s unsure on how to present the idea to you. Perhaps he’s dying to commit but there’s just no saying how you would react. And it would really crush his heart if he learns that you don’t care that much for him.

He happily talks about marriage.

This man readily welcomes the topic of marriage. In fact, he might even begin conversations that focus on the M word. This guy is just clamming up when it comes to proposal because, well, for starters, this could be his very first so cut him some slack. Besides, that’s a big responsibility for any guy so give him time to prepare everything.

His loyalty is unsurpassed.

You haven’t seen him flirt with other women and neither would you ever see him because he is so loyal to you. He’s also happy to spend his moments with you more than anybody else. This guy would love to propose – if given the chance – but right now, he’s just savoring the moment because everything is perfectly fine between the two of you.

He doesn’t know what the future holds for both of you.

This man may love you will all of his soul but he’s not offering you marriage yet for the sole reason that he doesn’t know what’s going to happen afterwards. This guy may start asking you about your wants and expectations in marriage. Give him your honest answer so that he’ll know what to do next.

He’s still summing up the responsibilities involved with marriage.

Since he’s a man, a lot more is expected of him once he gets married. He’s going to be the primary breadwinner, to begin with. He’s also expected to keep his family together through the years. That’s his future that’s being placed at stake so understand him if he’s being a little cautious.

He’s slowly stacking up on finances.

You might hear from him that he’s already starting to save for your future. But his savings might not be sufficient yet that’s why he still can’t pop the question. If he’s unready, it’s because he’s unready so never force him to ask your hand in marriage when he still feels that he’s still financially unstable.


Source by Krista Hiles

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