Tips for Using the Internet to Find Final Expense Insurance Leads


If you are an agent looking to sell final expense policies, you need to adopt multiple approaches to find potential clients. The internet is a very fruitful resource to find final expense insurance leads. Here are some tips that can help you make the most out of the web.

How to generate final expense insurance leads online

In order to make the most of the Internet to generate leads, you need a website or a blog of your own. This way, you can divert potential clients to your domain and plan strategies to convert them into your customers.

Paid ads, PPC or Google AdSense

Paid ads, posted in strategic places, can help you get good leads. You need to identify potential websites that your target audience frequent and post your ads at such sites so that your ad gets more relevant clicks. You will get a higher ROI this way. You can place your ads on major search engine pages. When a web user types a search phrase that includes the words ‘final expense insurance’, your ad hopefully turns up on the page. However, you need to bid for these ad places and be smart about the keywords you use.

How does this help? When a person sees your ads and visits your website, you can present them with a short and simple registration form to collect their email address, phone number and other details. This way, you can collect information about potential final expense insurance leads.

Co generation

In the co-generation method of lead generation, you place your ads on websites that are not your competitors but are related to insurance. When people visit these websites and fill the registration form, they are presented with your offer as well. If prospects like your offer, they visit your website through the link provided in the offer content and sign up for your service.

Whenever a prospect signs up with you in this manner, you pay the host website. You only pay for visitors who register on your website and not for every visitor who visits your website. This kind of lead generation method is called cost-per-action.

Social media

Social media provides fertile grounds for generating final expense insurance leads. You can use Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon and other social media platforms to contact and interact with potential clients. You can create communities and join existing communities to identify potential customers. Concentrate on building a relationships and develop trust.

Guest blogging

Offer to post articles on relevant blogs. Follow the comments that readers post on your article. You can reply to comments and develop a conversation. You can divert readers to your website through a third party blog. These readers are more likely to turn out to be productive leads.

Final expense insurance is one of the most useful policies that people can buy. The policy can prove to be very useful even those who are covered by other life insurance policies. The main reason is that final expense insurance, also called burial insurance, is released within 24 hours of the death of policy holder. Other life insurance policies take up to 45 or 60 days to release the money. In this way, a small burial plan can help the family get through tough times initially. Marketing the policy intelligently is what will win you good final expense insurance leads.


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