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Well, actually there is nothing hard in SEO (search engine optimization) once you pointed out the basic and some of the major factors of SEO. I know initially every body feels it a very tough job because of having no knowledge of algorithms and other SEO techniques. But don’t worry at all, simply keep these basics and tackle the job.

OK, now I am going to get start with these prominent tips which I have practically got in my experience in search engine optimization. These tips are divided in two parts: on-page optimization and off-page optimization.

1. What is on-page optimization?

On page optimization: – All these activities which are performed for the on page SEO are called on page optimization e.g. content writing, creating and updating Meta tags, implementing of H1 to H6, keywords density, internal linking with the keywords in hyper, dynamic and static URLs, image optimization through alt tags etc. Let me now also put some lights on some of the above on page optimization factors.

Content writing: – “Content is the king” no doubt rich, unique and quality content plays a major role in your over all SEO. Create great quality content where your visitors like these and take these a good source for themselves. Concentrate on creating relevant content to your site and try to use keywords instead of their alternative words. Having quality content on site can minimize your off page activities.

Meta tags: – these are tags which you should use to give titles (these will be the titles of your pages and would be showed in the SERP), description (which more often would be showed in SERP) and keywords (where you would mention keywords that you are going to get ranking on). Your Meta titles should contain on your targeted keywords in the length of around 65 characters, your Meta description also should contain on your targeted keywords with attractive sentences of maximum 250 characters and as well you should mention your targeted keywords in the Meta keywords tags.

Internal linking: – Internal linking help you to get every of your page more index-able and as well it also help you to give a link to a page with the hyper of their specific keywords. Try not to keep more than 100 links on a page.
Dynamic and static URLs:- URLs that contains on query strings like mysite.com/about?/^us etc are called Dynamic URLS and URLs that simply look like mysite.com/about – us.html are called static URLs. It’s very important to have static pages that any of search engines could read easily. Off course Google and Yahoo are so smart to read Dynamic pages as well but they can’t read these as easily as static pages. Try to use your targeted keywords on the sub-domain like yoursite.com/targeted keywords.html.

2. What is off-page optimization?

Off page optimization: – The major activity which is performed in the off page optimization is getting back links for the site. Back links are that factor/power which makes a spot for your site in the high SERP. Why not you have quality content and a great structure site but if you haven’t back link to it, it’s like you are going to kill your enemy whither you have a gun having no bulits and your enemy has a full filled gun of bullets.

The question that actually comes in our minds is how to get back links that could pass the link juice and as well the PR.
OK, let me now tell you a few simple ways and sources of getting relevant and quality back links that are off cores absolutely free.

Kink bait: – Create some great quality content either yourself or with someone who you know have a good hand on content writing. People will then link to your site when they found the articles more helpful for their customers or visitors.

Directories: – There are a lot of free directories around us simply choose the relevant category and submit your site in. Doesn’t matter if these directories have no quality, a link is still a link, it add some value than have no one. Free directories back links themselves have no direct effect on your SERP, but no doubt when it comes together with more types of links, really they makes a quality and give your site the best SERP.

Reciprocal: – Exchange links with quality sites that are more relevant to you. You should not exchange links more than 15 to 20 (it’s just my measure and suggestion to you actually it’s not a factor and compulsory).

Articles: – Create some quality content relevant to your site, keep these articles on your site and index them with search engines first. Then take a snap shot of these and go on submitting in EzineArticles.com and more articles directories. You are getting here a chance of link bait and as well you are getting link from these articles directories.

Book marking: – Book mark your site in Digg, Reddit, delicious and more book marking sites.

Classifieds: – Place classified ads in free classifieds sites. You will get advertisement of your products as well a back link from these.

Blog commenting: – find some relevant blogs that allow comments that haven’t a no-follow attribute. Keep posting great comments for those and get links from one by one.

Forums: – Find out relevant forums to your site and start on questioning and answering with people. Keep your link in the signature or somewhere in the “post” where no one understands if you are there for getting back links and spamming.

Create a Blog: – Create a blog for your site, update that with fresh content and get links from. Also submit your blog in some of blog directories and get some other inbound link too.

Press release: – Share your company news through submitting in news and press release sites. Create descriptive news and keep a link in the body of the news. If a site himself offers an option for a link so remove the body link and simply put your link in the given option.

I hope you will have gotten every thing from my guides. If someone has still nervous about something that I haven’t mentioned above please simple contact me at seo-hikmat@hotmail.com and I will let you help.


Source by Hikmat Shah

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