Why Conduct SEO Analysis?


Search engine optimization is the backbone of all marketing efforts online. You should invest in SEO if you run a business and have a website. It is impossible to rank and gather good traffic without employing SEO strategies. You also have to be aware of your competitors when employing such strategies. It is impossible to devise an effective strategy if you do not know what the rest are doing. You have to check and see what your competitors are doing to come up with something better. You have to carry out an SEO analysis to understand what SEO techniques they are using. When doing it for the first time, you can always just get an SEO analysis for free. Some see it as tedious, but it is inevitable for success. In fact, you might want to conduct an in-depth and funded analysis once you see the benefits it can give you. Read on to find out more about SEO analysis.

Prior to SEO Analysis

You have to remember several important things when agreeing to an SEO analysis. You have to organize the analytics to monitor your own website properly. You cannot check and evaluate the SEO metrics of your competitors if you cannot measure your own. Setting your website’s analytics gives you a great opportunity to set the standards. Some important information or factors you should track include:

– Visits per month
– Authentic visit-to-inquiry conversion rates
– Visits as a result of non-branded organic search
– Page by page keyword densities and word counts
– Inbound links – number and quality

Many SEO experts also recommend setting up or carrying out a keyword research campaign before analysing any competitor pages. The basis of SEO is keywords. They are fundamental building blocks. You have to choose the right keywords for your strategy to work. This does not mean you have to use the keywords you see automatically. Having an idea what your competitors use is a great basis for your own keyword research.

Who to Compare To

You have to choose competitors to conduct a competitor analysis and a reliable free SEO analysis. Some businesses find this easy to do while others do not, especially if they offer a wide range of products or services. People interpret the word “competitor” differently. Some think their direct competition is those companies or businesses within their area. This is not entirely wrong, but it is best to go looking for your rivals in your industry rather than your geographic location.

Specifically, your greatest “opponents” are those ranking in the first page of search engines when you search for terms related to what you offer. They are the ones you should observe and take notes from. Geographic locations have impact once people start looking for products or services specific to your location. That is when you have to think about those within your area of operations. Other factors you should look into include the age of the website, the effectiveness of their brand online and their market reach.

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