Your URL as Part of Your SEO

Your URL as Part of Your SEO

Your URL as Part of Your SEO

Internet Marketing When you are working on your SEO in Los Angeles, one thing that may not be getting as much attention as it should is your URL.

Your URL plays an important role in your SEO that you may not even realize. Even though search engines change their criteria often, the importance of your URL hasn’t changed.

The best news about this is that optimizing your URL is fairly easy and doesn’t take much time at all. It is something you could easily add to your SEO services in Los Angeles.

Keep It Short Search engines prefer shorter URLs. This could be because they are easier to remember or they are easier to read. Keeping your URL short can go a long way towards helping make it more search engine friendly.

Keywords Popping some keywords into your URL is also a good idea. You should make sure that you don’t stuff it, but using some carefully placed keywords can give you a good boost in the search rankings.

Stick with one or two keywords for the best results. Readability It is also important that your URL is readable and makes sense. People want to be able to make out what your URL says without hassle.

Watch out for unintended words that may appear or confusing text. If it isn’t easy to make out what your URL says, then you should consider changing it to be clearer. For example, if your URL currently is shopatourstoreinhartfordnow,

it is probably a bit too complex and words run together too much for someone to easily decipher what it says. A better URL that sends the same message would be shophartford.

This is simple and uses your two main keywords—shop and Hartford. Security If possible, you should always use “HTTPS” over “HTTP.” Search engines usually give priority to “HTTPS” sites.

You should always be putting forth the most secure site possible, especially if you are selling items because you have to build trust with your visitors.

They have to know it is safe to buy from your site or they won’t. Domain Names While .com is going to always be a top choice for a domain name, if you can’t use it, then you need to choose a domain name carefully.

There are many different options available now. In the past, you were pretty much stuck with .com or .net if you weren’t an education site or a government site. Now, however, you have options like .biz, .info, .travel and .name.

The domain name you choose will help to identify your site, so choose carefully. For example, if you are selling things from your site, a .info domain name probably would seem misleading.

Instead, you should use .biz. Other Tips Another important thing to keep in mind when it comes to SEO in Los Angeles and your URL is that you make sure your URLs are as descriptive as possible.

You have probably seen a site where the URL includes a bunch of random numbers and letters at the end. This isn’t really helpful. Instead, use descriptive terms and keywords that will attract search engine attention.

For example, instead of, you could use The second one is more descriptive and tells visitors what this page is all about. Also, avoid using characters that could pose a problem.

In general, you can use any number or letter. Other safe characters include the question mark, dollar sign, exclamation point, and asterisk. Other symbols or characters should be used with caution.

You should avoid using certain characters, like the hashtag, arrows, and spaces. Bad characters can create a broken link or prevent a search engine from being able to find your site.

The Bottom Line The URLs you use on your website are incredibly important. They are how people get to your site. In addition, the search engines look at them when ranking your site. This is why it is so important that they are included as part of your SEO Los Angeles.

Optimizing your URL isn’t something that should take you too long. It can actually be done rather quickly by just looking at a few things like length, keywords, security, and domain name. By reviewing your URLs, you can actually boost your search engine rankings.

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