Is Profile Backlink Still Work? Read and Learn!


What is Profile Backlink?

There are numerous sites on the internet where personal accounts can be opened or sign up. Among all the sites there are some sites where there’s a chance to link your website link by creating a public profile. This method of linking the website to the public profile is called Profile Backlink.

What are the other trending Backlink methods?

Nowadays lots of methods have been introduced for backlinking. Here are some trending backlink methods,

  1. Link Bait (Creating link worthy assets + Outreach)
  2. Broken Link Building
  3. Link Reclamation
  4. NewsJacking
  5. Guest Blogging
  6. Interviews (Podcast, roundups etc)
  7. Infographics
  8. Content Syndication
  9. Content Repurposing
  10. Link Building with Images
  11. Video Submission
  12. Directory Submission
  13. Press Release Distribution
  14. Local Citation
  15. Blog Commenting
  16. Answering Question
  17. Tiered Link Building
  18. Web 2.0 Creation
  19. Scaled Social Bookmarking
  20. High PR Forum Profiles

The necessity of Basic Backlink?

When you first create a site, acquiring a backlink is one of the hardest parts. New trending methods which I point out in the previous section are as valuable as time-consuming. That’s when basic backlinks come. Basic Backlink may not give lots of juice to one’s site but it can give the first boost. It’s easy to create and if you can maintain quality and ration it can give a quality feedback.

The necessity of creating a Profile Backlink?

Like other backlinks, profile backlink can also give valuable SERP juice if properly used.

How to create a Profile Backlink?

Profile Backlink is one of the easiest backlinks among all the backlink methods. Nevertheless, some rules should be followed properly to get good results.

  • All the field must be filled while creating a profile.
  • For the same author keep same About me/bio description.
  • If possible, post a couple of posts. (Not mandatory)
  • I create too many profile backlinks, make multiple authors.

What should be considered while creating a Profile Backlink?

  • Check for Clickable website Link. (If not ignore the site)
  • Check whether the profile URL is visible and shows the link when logged out.
  • After link adds, check whether the link is working properly.
  • Sometimes link has to add in about me/bio option if there is no separate option to add website link.


1. How many backlinks should I create?

A. It depends on your link building strategy.

2. What will be the about me/bio description?

A. For the same author about me/bio description will be the same.

3. If there are multiple authors in the same site, then what?

Create multiple descriptions and different email for multiple authors.


Source by Himel Hasan

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